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Let me help you become your most confident and successful self, so that you can live your best and most fulfilled life.

1:1 Coaching

Are you just feeling stuck and down in life and aren’t sure how to change that? Work with me to get clarity on what you want out of life, what will make you happy, how to become successful, and how to feel better. Think of it as a complete life re-design – includes weekly video calls + access to my personal collection of self-improvement and self-growth resources. Contact me below to set up a discovery call today!

Kate was a huge help for myself and my business. I came in to the coaching sessions wanting help with goal setting for my new business and how to accomplish my goal of working solely for myself by January of 2020. Through a month of coaching, we came up with a plan for how to accomplish those tasks while also doing self-improvement activities. The activities that Kate has you do are very beneficial, and I am so happy with everything that we accomplished during our sessions together.”
Abby M.
Social Media Stategist/Entrepreneur
“Kate made me so sure of my business idea that I never second-guessed myself. When I began to feel overwhelmed with the process, she helped me take it step-by-step so it seemed more manageable. She offers great advice when I need it and most importantly, she cheers me on for any and all accomplishments I make. Because of her I’m a confident, badass entrepreneur!!”
Laura F.

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