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Oh heyy –

Thanks for stopping by. If you’ve made it here that probably means you’re somewhat interested in becoming a badass rebel and leaving the job you hate, so that’s awesome.

I’m Kate, owner & founder of The Confident Rebel. I’ll give you the super quick summary of my career journey here, and then share some fun facts.

career journey

My career has taken a lot of crazy twists & turns. I began college as a Psychology major and switched to Earth Science halfway through. Yup.

After graduating I did a 4 month internship at a geoscience company and realized that type of work wasn’t for me (picture being outside for 8-10 hours a day in the middle of New England winter…and having to use porta-potties, ew). I wanted an office job, something nice and reliable and indoors. 

I landed a job in sales operations at a start up tech company. For the first year or so, I loved it. I was young and having fun with other young people every day. I learned a ton and was really good at my job. 

~ ~ ~

Fast forward a couple years and I started to get bored and unmotivated. The company was great at first because of the people there, but once they started moving on to other companies, the day to day became less fun. I didn’t have any connection with what the company did so it was hard to care about it after my friends left. 

I ended up leaving this company after 3 years and got a position at a non-profit music college. I was excited for the change, but it turned out to not help my mindset at all. I was still bored, unmotivated, uninspired, unfulfilled, etc. I was very disenchanted with the 9-5 lifestyle also – I wanted flexibility and something to work for that I was passionate about. 

That’s when I first started really looking into alternate career paths. I did a lot of work on myself and experimented a lot to see what I liked and disliked. Out of all my realizations, I discovered I wanted to work for myself, build an online business, and help others. Happy ending, right? Nope! 


WHY? Because I was afraid…of everything. Afraid of change, of failure, of what people would think, etc. 

Through all of this self-discovery, I was still unhappy at work so I decided that another job change was in order. Instead of believing in myself and launching my online coaching business, I chose to get yet another 9-5 office job….I never learn. 

I landed a job at another cool tech start up company in the city and was actually super excited about it. I hadn’t liked the non-profit world so I thought by moving back to a fun young company everything would be better. Ohhhh how wrong I was!

Within one week of starting I knew I’d made a mistake. I knew then that no 9-5 job would fulfill me and I HAD to go down the path of entrepreneurship and coaching.

~ ~ ~

I did a lot of research online about starting an online business but couldn’t get myself to make any progress, so I decided to hire a coach. She helped me discover my business idea and plan, but the BEST thing she did for me was give me confidence and motivation. Self-confidence was really the missing piece for me. Once I felt confident that I COULD do this, my motivation levels rose dramatically and there was no turning back. I became excited, passionate, motivated, hopeful, and happier than I’d felt in a long time. 

Less than 6 months after hiring my coach I made the decision to QUIT my full time 9-5 job to pursue my business. I couldn’t be more excited for what the future holds!

To learn more about my mission and passion head over to my What Is The Confident Rebel post.

fun facts

  • Live in & love Boston, MA 
  • I love eating & drinking outside on a beautiful day
  • Popcorn is my favorite food & I eat it almost every day 
  • I love darts and bowling 
  • I’m a problem solver at heart and I enjoy giving advice
  • Experimental vegan 
  • I have a crazy but adorable dog named Sophie. She of course has her own Instagram, check her out: @sassy_miss_sophie