The story of a miserable 28 year old stuck in unfulfilling office jobs & how she broke free of that life thanks to an online business.

I realized about 2 years into my professional life that I wanted to work for myself eventually. I created blogs in hopes of someday making them profitable, but they never went anywhere. I would lose motivation and give up. After this happened a few times, I realized the problem wasn’t my idea or knowledge, it was my mindset. Deep down, I didn’t think that I could or would ever turn the blog into a business. 

Fast forward about 4 years, my mind is in a much better place and I’ve successfully left the corporate world to work for myself. I’ve gained confidence, motivation, and clarity in amounts I had never had before. Now I’m here to help you do the same, but in a MUCH shorter timeframe.

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The Confident Rebel Mindset

The Confident Rebel is all about a confident and rebellious attitude toward life – you know your life was meant for something more than ordinary and you have what it takes to make anything happen. Once you truly believe in yourself, you will make your life what it was meant to be.


Become a...

Become a...

Ditch your old, stale life and create one that you love to wake up for every day.

...confident rebel

...confident rebel

Confident Rebels live the lives they want and do whatever it takes to make their dreams happen.

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Read through my blog to learn more about mindset and how it affects everything in your life and career. You’ll find information, tips & tricks, and helpful exercises. 

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