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About Me

I was working full-time in the corporate world, feeling lost, stuck, and unimpressed with my life.

I had no direction, no sense of myself or what I wanted to really do with my life. And that made me depressed, unmotivated, and uninspired.

One day I decided enough was enough. I dove into the world of personal development to figure myself out and what I wanted to do with my life.

The work I did gave me confidence, motivation, energy, clarity, and inspiration. I realized I wanted to help people as my life’s work.

I then came across online business and fell in love with the freedom it offers.

So I decided to combine the two and create my own dream business.

I have spent the last 3 years discovering everything I can about online business and personal development. I’ve learned it, applied it, and gotten big results for myself. Now I help others gain their freedom and happiness back by starting their own fulfilling online businesses.

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14 Journal Prompts To Figure Yourself Out

By honestly answering these 14 prompts, you'll learn more about who you WERE, who you are NOW, and who you want to be in the FUTURE.

You'll also gain insight into your skills and passions, even some that might have been forgotten. These will be the foundation of how you decide to spend the rest of your life.

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It takes a lot of confidence and a dash of rebelliousness to leave the corporate world to venture out on your own.

Don’t do it alone, I’m here to help.

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How To Be OK With Not Everyone Liking You

How To Be OK With Not Everyone Liking You

Ohhh yeah, this one's a toughie, so strap in. I used to be OBSESSED with everyone liking me. And not making anyone upset. Everyone had to like me at all times, and think I was nice, and friendly, and perfect. Now I know just how detrimental to my life that mindset...