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The story of a lost 28 year old stuck in an unfulfilling life & how she broke free:

I was in rough shape. I had no direction, no sense of myself or what I wanted to really do with my life. And that made me depressed, unmotivated, and uninspired. 

One day I decided enough was enough. I made a plan, I bought the books, I did the work – I self-taught my way out of the hole my life was in. I felt so much better it was incredible. I had the motivation, energy, clarity, and inspiration that I’d been looking for for years.

And then I realized I loved the feeling of transformation so much that I wanted to help others do the same. 

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14 Journal Prompts To Figure Yourself Out

By honestly answering these 14 prompts, you'll learn more about who you WERE, who you are NOW, and who you want to be in the FUTURE.

You'll also gain insight into your skills and passions, even some that might have been forgotten. These will be the foundation of how you decide to spend the rest of your life.

Personal Growth Library: A Quickstart Guide To Changing Your Life

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10 Journal Prompts to Increase Your Confidence

Do you want the self-confidence to go after anything you want in life?

True self-confidence is not something you can gain overnight. You have to build it up over time, and doing these positive, confidence-boosting journal prompts is the PERFECT exercise for that.

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I offer 1:1 coaching for ladies looking to up-level their confidence and transform their lives.

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