How To Take More Action Toward Your Goals

by | Jan 8, 2019

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing”

-Walt Disney

If you’re like me, you’re a thinker.

You think about everything; every life change, every idea, every big decision, every small decision, and you think about it from all angles.

You love to learn and research, you’ll spend hours reading through articles you find on Pinterest about a certain subject that relates to certain goals you’re trying to reach.

You read and learn and read and learn….and yet nothing ever happens.

You never reach those goals, and your life stays the same no matter how badly you want to change it.


This happens to SO many people, myself included, and we get trapped in this loop because we don’t understand what or why it’s happening.

So, let me explain:

There are 2 types of action in the world: PASSIVE ACTION and MASSIVE ACTION. I also like to refer to these as FAKE ACTION and REAL ACTION.

Fake Action…

is the act of learning and researching. This includes reading books and blog posts, watching documentaries, listening to podcasts or books on tape.

While this type of action is not a bad thing, and is actually necessary if you are trying to learn new things, it’s never going to get you to where you want to go. If you’re at Point A now, it’ll never get you to Point B, your end goal. That’s because there is no true action in this step. You are learning how to do things, but not trying or practicing them.

Real Action…

is the act of putting the reading and learning to use, and practicing exercises that teach you new skills.

This means getting offline and actually doing the things you are learning about.

This is the type of action that will get you results.

An example is doing a cartwheel. You can read about cartwheels allll day long, research the physics of it, etc, but that’s not going to teach you how to do a good cartwheel. You’ll only be able to do a good cartwheel once you take REAL action and begin physically practicing everything you’ve learned about a cartwheel.

Another example is meditation. There are thousands of books and articles about how to do it and its benefits, but just reading about the benefits won’t actually give you them. You need to actually practice the art of meditation in order to benefit from it.


The problem that most of us face is that we get STUCK doing fake action and never take the real action step that is needed. And it’s very easy to get stuck in this loop because fake action is a lot easier than real action.

Fake action is a sneaky, sneaky form of procrastination.

For YEARS I read self-help books, ranging from health to mindset to career success. I learned SO much, yet never achieved any goals because I wasn’t putting what I was learning into action.


The moment I started taking Real Action and sat down for a few minutes every day to do some of the personal development work is when I started to see the real results in my life.

Small real action changes every day eventually built up and truly changed my life in a big way.


So my #1 tip for hitting those New Years Resolution goals, or any life goals you have, is to stop thinking too much about it and just start taking Real Action every. single. damn. day.

And you can definitely start small, Real Action doesn’t have to be big crazy things.

If you’ve decided this year is the year you’ll build an online business and quit your job, stop endlessly researching day after day, building pinterest boards of articles you’ll never go back and read, and just start doing physical things that move you closer to your goal.

Your first Real Action step can be to purchase a website, publish your first blog post, set up your business social media accounts, hire a coach. Stop reading about the HOW so much because that’s just procrastinating and will never lead you to success, and instead start DOING.

If you start taking real action every day instead of fake action, trust me you’ll look back in a few months and be amazed with your own progress.

So what are you waiting for? Get off my website and go take ACTION!*

*jk I’d actually love it if you stuck around and read more, but just remember after all that reading, follow it up with at least one real action step and you’ll finally start seeing some real results.

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