Is Self-Doubt The Reason You Procrastinate?

by | Apr 18, 2019

Many, many, MANY of us procrastinate on a daily basis. And for a handful of different reasons.

But how many of us are procrastinating going after important goals or dreams simply because we don’t believe in ourselves? Because we don’t have the confidence in ourselves to achieve success? Because we lack the motivation to go after them with full force?

We all know that without motivation, there is usually procrastination. So in order to fix the procrastination problem, we need to solve the motivation issue first.

There is a solid link between self-confidence and motivation that I’m going to explain here, and then guide you through some exercises to help build up your confidence in yourself.


The Link Between Self-Confidence & Motivation

If you truly believe in yourself, with no self-doubt lingering at the edges, you’ll have motivation to do anything.

Believing in yourself fills you up with positive feelings. These positive feelings mentally bring you into a state where you WANT to take action and get sh*t done. You know you’ll achieve the end results and it’ll be amazing so doing the work to get there feels good and natural.

On the other hand, when you lack self-confidence and don’t believe 100% in yourself, this is going to cause feelings that tend toward the negative, which does not put you in the right mindset to take action. This is where procrastination comes in.

You’ll find yourself in the middle of a 3-day Netflix & wine binge just to avoid working on your project or goal. And why? Because you have no motivation since you can’t confidently picture yourself being successful and completing whatever it is that you’ve been avoiding. Then you start feeling even more down about yourself because you feel guilty for not making any progress and watching TV all week, and then you feel worse and more unmotivated, and the spiral continues.

What we need to do is break OUT of that spiral of negative feeling and thought so we can start to create some serious motivation to go after your goals with.


How To Create Confidence & Reduce Procrastination

We break out of this endless loop by building up your confidence in yourself. Confidence is all in your mind, so if we can train your mind to find the confidence in yourself you need, you’ll be crushing goals and dreams in no time.

I like to use these 3 methods to build up self-confidence:



## Identify & Tackle Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are quiet little negative thoughts we repeat to ourselves on a daily basis, sometimes without even realizing it. They control our feelings and therefore our behavior/actions. They are very responsible for any feelings of self-doubt we have.

If you can become aware of your negative thoughts and start identifying them, you can start to prove them wrong and turn them more positive and productive.

Some examples of limiting beliefs are: “I’m so lazy”, “I never follow through with anything”, “I’ll always hate my body”, “I could never start my own business”, “I’m terrible at relationships”, “I’ll never be happy”, etc. 

Read here for full information on limiting beliefs: Limiting Beliefs & How To Overcome Them


## Small Goals

Most people don’t go through with their goals because in the back of their mind, they don’t truly believe they have the willpower to accomplish them.

They DOUBT their ability to follow through.

So, in order to build this up we need to practice and start small.

Choose some tiny goal you would like to achieve or a small habit you would like to break. An example is, pick your favorite junk food and go 1 month without eating it (I did this!) It’s simple enough to not be too difficult to try, but hard enough that you’ll feel accomplished at the end of the month.

Pick something and stick to it for a set amount of time. When you get to the end of the time period, take a second to bask in the glory of your success. You said you’d do something and you stuck with it, and that’s definitely an accomplishment. Think to yourself “hell yeah I just did that” and really feel the confidence that comes with saying and believing that phrase. 

Then do it a few more times with other small goals or habits. You’ll be building up confidence in yourself that you CAN in fact stick to something and achieve a goal, it doesn’t matter how small it is.

After that you’ll have the confidence to start reaching for those bigger goals. You’ll also be more likely to succeed at those bigger goals because you’ll be tackling them from a place of full confidence, not a failure mindset. 


## Life Visualizations

Visualization exercises are something I NEVER thought I’d be into. But, after trying a lot of other things, I finally gave them a try and loved the results. So really, you have to give it a solid try if you haven’t. 

The best way I like to do it is while meditating. You can find a guided meditation to walk you through a visualization, or you can do it on your own.

Basically you envision yourself, in great detail, living in your future dream life. A time when you’ve achieved all your goals and are living a lifestyle you love. Think of everything from where you live, to your job, to your family, to your social life. Really get lost in it. Feel the feelings that come along with that life as you imagine it. 

I felt more confident and motivated the very first time I did this. It was so moving and amazing to feel what it would be like for future me. It takes consistent practice though, once is not enough to keep you going long-term. Doing this a few times a week is ideal to keep your motivation and confidence fresh.


If you try just one of the exercises above you’ll be making an improvement to your confidence and motivation levels. I highly recommend incorporating all 3 into your life on a consistent basis for real mind-blowing, life-changing results.