Why Confidence Is The Key To The Life You Crave

by | Jul 9, 2019

Why do we need confidence? What’s the big deal really?

Confidence is something you’ll see a lot of in self-help articles, blogs, magazines, and books:

“How To Be Confident”, “13 Confidence Hacks”, “5 Ways to Gain Confidence”…

But WHY do we need to be confident to be successful and happy?

Let me ask you a question:

Are you also someone who has goals and dreams but has never gone after them? Do you crave a different, more fulfilled life but haven’t taken any steps toward it?

If so, I’m going to be brutally honest with you – it’s a lack of confidence that is getting in your way.

Now, you might not think that you lack confidence. Or maybe it’s something you’ve never really thought about. Or maybe you have confidence in some areas of life but not others.

For instance you may be confident in your piano playing skills, but not in your Excel skills. You may be confident in your looks but not at public speaking. You may be a confident athlete but not confident in your intelligence. You may be socially confident but at work you’re shy and don’t speak up. The list goes on.

The kind of confidence we’re talking about here is different. It’s the confidence to pursue what you want in order to achieve the life you want. It’s confidence in the unknown. It’s easy to be confident when you know you’re good at something. It’s hard to have confidence about something that may not even exist yet, some far future goal you’ve only ever dreamed about tackling.

It’s having confidence in yourself as a whole person that is the most important, not the confidence you might have at one particular skill.

This lack of confidence is also called SELF-DOUBT.

Self-doubt is what holds us back from going after our goals and dreams. It’s what makes us think we aren’t good enough to go after what we want in life. It causes us to procrastinate day after day and be stuck in a boring life or job that does nothing to excite us.

In my own life, just by shifting my confidence I was able to completely transform the path my life was taking in under 6 months. I went from feeling stuck in life and in a job I didn’t like to building my own business and feeling incredibly inspired & motivated. And I can’t stress enough that really the only change I made was building up my confidence. I already had the technical knowledge I needed to start an online business, but I was getting in my own way with my self-doubt.

So I challenge you to look deep, deeeep inside and be honest with yourself – do you have the confidence to drop everything and begin working toward your dream goal right now?

Do you know without a doubt that you will succeed no matter what because you will never quit?

If the answer is no, then you lack the confidence in yourself that you need to make your dream goals come true. BUT, that’s completely 100% OK! You are not alone, the majority of people feel the exact same way as you. They have dreams and goals they think about and tell themselves “nah I could never really do that”.

The good news for YOU is that you’re about to find out there is a way to build up this necessary confidence using just your own mind and some simple techniques. Check out the links below to start learning!

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