A Year Of Meditation: How It’s Changed My Life and Can Change Yours Too

by | Oct 7, 2019

It’s been ONE year now since I’ve started meditating consistently. It’s changed me both in ways I CAN explain, and ways I can’t. But I know for a fact it’s all been positive and worth it. 


I first discovered meditation about 3 years ago (read my post HERE for my initial experience with it).

I would practice it in waves for the first 2 years, steadily meditating 12 days in a row and then going weeks or months without it. It’s hard to say why I didn’t stick to it – I enjoyed it and noticed some slight positive effects after just one week of doing it every day – but there were other mental self-limiting factors involved that caused me to not stick with healthy habits.

I dedicated myself to it fully once I realized I NEEDED it to be successful as an entrepreneur running my online business.

Becoming an entrepreneur means you have a million ideas flying around your head all the time, you have to discipline yourself to get work done because you have no boss, you have to focus to be efficient with your time, and you have to be healthy mentally to push through your insecurities and fears. It’s a lot, but I knew meditation could help with all of it.

I’m writing this post now because after one year of meditating for 10 minutes (almost) every day, I only now fully realize how much I truly need it and what it’s affect is on my life and mood.


Recently I went on a 7 day vacation, and it was directly preceded with me having a terrible cold for 3 days and literally sleeping 20 hours a day to try and get better before vacation. This resulted in me skipping my daily meditation for 10 days in a row. Meditation is such a gradual build up when you start doing it that sometimes you don’t even realize what it’s done for you, until you stop doing it. Which I found out the hard way.

Halfway into the vacation I was feeling kind of grouchy, irritated for no reason, felt kind of like my brain was in a fog. I was outwardly trying to have fun but inwardly was in a weird, not great place. I realized (too late) that it was my lack of meditating causing me to feel this way. Within just 10 days I had let my brain fall back into it’s old patterns and it was making me feel irritable and hopeless. My thoughts were racing and muddled, I felt like I couldn’t control my feelings, and I was anxious about nothing. Not the way you want to feel on a vacation.

Luckily, once I got back home and started my daily 10-minute sit down again, within just a few days I was feeling much better and back to my “normal” self before the cold and vacation. My brain became sharper, I became less anxious and less irritable. Needless to say, I learned my lesson that even whilst on a relaxing vacation, it’s important to keep the practice going*.

*(With that being said, I’ve gone 1,2, and even 3 days without meditating and saw no negative effects. If you absolutely cannot get to it one weekend, it’s OK, it’s not going to kill you. You should never be anxious or worried about not doing it. Just start back up again and you’ll be fine.)


What does it feel like to meditate consistently for one year?

I told you what it feels like to STOP, but how does it actually make you feel when you’re doing a daily practice?

My Results:

  • I feel a general sense of peace and calmness more often
  • I am aware of the constant stream of thoughts in my head and know that it’s just my brain doing it’s thing, that it doesn’t mean anything more than that and I don’t have to listen to them
  • My brain physically feels sharper and more focused
  • I am not always in a great, happy mood, but I am almost never in a bad one
  • I feel a sense of accomplishment for sticking with it for one year, it’s a confidence boost
  • I feel “lighter.” It’s hard to describe but when I stopped for 10 days, this kind of uncomfortable heaviness settled in on my mind and body.


Should you try meditation? Absolutely.

After one year, I really cannot stress how much I believe that EVERYONE should try meditating.

The world would be a better place because people would feel better more often. More people would succeed at their goals and dreams. Fewer people would feel constantly stressed, anxious, and worried.

Is meditation the single, only key to all of this? No, almost nothing ever is. BUT, it’s the necessary first step, and a key cornerstone, to making everything better.


Give it a try and leave me your thoughts below!