5 Mental Blocks You’ll Face Before A Big Life Change

by | Oct 16, 2019

Mental blocks are negative beliefs that pop up in your mind at the MOST inconvenient times.

Whenever you are geared up to do something new, cool, exciting, life-changing, your brain is going to try to stop you by telling you the many reasons why you can’t do that thing.

They interrupt your plans because thinking about a life change causes you to think in ways you haven’t before. That drags up a bunch of negative, limiting thoughts and emotions geared toward yourself not being good enough or able to make this life change.

Knowing that these thoughts will most likely pop up at some point in your journey is the first step to counteracting them. If you can be aware of them, and accept that they are just thoughts, not facts, you’ll be able to move past them and keep going strong.

So without further ado, the below 5 thoughts are great at blocking you from even trying to make a big life change:


“I’m too old”

A lot of people tend to believe they are too old to make any significant changes or improvements to their life.

“I’m too old to leave this job I hate and switch careers”,

“I’m too old to improve my health”,

“I’m too old to start looking for love now”,

“I’m too old to try that thing I’ve always wanted to”,

“I’m too old to start traveling”,

“I’m too old to go back to school”,

“I’m too old to change the way I am”

I do totally understand where this negative belief comes from. In society, the time for change and exploration is when you’re young. Then you’re supposed to settle into a certain life – have a career, maybe have a family, get older, eventually retire and settle into a more stagnant lifestyle.

You don’t even have to be that old to feel these limiting beliefs. I know that at the age of 29 I felt too old to drastically switch careers. I know that some of my single friends in their late twenties and thirties think they’re too old to find love.

It’s easy to think that the way your life is now is how it will be forever.

I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t need to be that way.

To prove this, I found this amazing article showcasing people of all ages making life-altering changes. The only difference between you and them is that they decided to stop listening to the limiting voices in their head and just go for it.

Thinking that you’re too old is just a thought. It’s not a fact, it’s not the truth. It’s just something your brain tells you so it can stay comfortable.


“What will other people think?”

Fearing what other people will say and think about you is SO common when it comes to switching up your life. People know you as one way, and you even identify yourself as a certain way, so changing up that identity brings up a lot of fear of being judged.

This one fear blocked me up for MONTHS. If you’re a people-pleaser or approval-seeker this might cause you to never go after what you want, so don’t let it!

You might be thinking “People will think it’s weird”, “No one will get it”, “My friends won’t like me anymore”.

Here’s a brutal truth: People aren’t thinking about you and your life as much as you think they are. Everyone has their own stuff going on. AND your friends and family, people you care about, will always be more supportive than you think. I thought going into personal development was weird, corny, even nerdy. But turns out, once I announced it, a lot of acquaintances were supportive and interested in following me. Anyone who has anything negative to say to you about it is probably someone who is just jealous because they don’t like their own life and they aren’t doing anything about it.


“It’s too hard, I don’t know enough”

Well ok, maybe it is hard, and maybe you don’t know enough yet, but surely you’re capable of researching what you might need to do?

Let’s say you’ve always wanted to open your own Etsy shop and sell your homemade jewelry as a side hustle. Whenever you think of doing it, inwardly a tiny voice say “I can’t do actually do this, I don’t know anything about the internet or business, it seems really hard and overwhelming“.

Do you not think that every other Etsy entrepreneur started out having the same thoughts? I bet the MAJORITY of Etsy shop owners knew nothing about the technicalities of running an online business before they got started.

Everyone trying something new starts as a complete beginner. Then you learn a little, practice, get more knowledgeable, find out it’s not as hard as you thought, pretty soon you’re at a more advanced level. You keep learning and someday you become an expert. It just takes doing some research to begin, and everyone is capable of that.

Also, sometimes you need to think outside of the box. Say you do all your research but you still just really struggle with technical website stuff. Then shift your research into hiring someone to help you! If you have no money to spend, find a beginner website builder who is looking for free clients to build up their portfolio. There is ALWAYS a way.

There is so much knowledge at our fingertips in this day and age so not knowing enough is never a good excuse.


“I’m too busy / I don’t have the time”

All I can say here is that if you want it badly enough, you’ll figure out a way to make the time. In order to make big changes, you’ll need to get uncomfortable, and you might need to sacrifice some time-sucking activities you’re currently doing in order to make the time to be productive toward your new life.

We complain about our lives – how we hate our job, how we are out of shape, how we want a relationship – and yet we come home and spend hours watching Netflix instead of taking any steps to change the aspects of our lives we don’t like.

So this means possibly cutting out TV time, social media time, not going out every night. I’m not saying you need to live a boring life doing nothing but working toward your goals, but find a way to dedicate the amount of time you need to it to succeed. That’s how you know you really want it.

Once you start working on something that’s improving your life, you’ll WANT to take the time to work on it. I used to get sucked into TV all the time when I was in my 9-5 job, spending the whole night watching random shows and just wishing my life was different. Then I began to build my online business and I would get so excited about working on it that TV wasn’t even an option anymore.


“I’m fine, my life is fine as is”

The mother of all debbie-downer statements. Why is “just fine” normal for us?

Don’t you want to honestly be able to say “Awesome!” to the question “How are things going?”

When you start imagining a better future life for yourself, and then think about all the steps it will take to get there and how far away that result is, it’s easy to fall back on the thought “Well, I don’t actually need to make any changes, I’m fine with my life as is” – THIS IS A TRAP!

This is your brain fighting against you because it wants to stay comfortable and not change. You need to learn to catch this thought when it comes up and not believe it.

Let’s stop trudging through our lives and careers being “just ok” and start thinking about how we want our lives to be and what we would truly enjoy doing.


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