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Thanks for stopping by. If you’ve made it here that probably means you’re somewhat interested in leveling up your confidence and making some life changes, so that’s awesome.

I’m Kate, owner & founder of The Confident Rebel. I’m a Boston girl who has always been an independent free spirit, living life on my own terms without letting what others may think hold me back. I make decisions and I go after what I want with confidence.

I work in sales operations at a successful tech company in the city by day, and by night I’m an entrepreneur, working to build this website into a thriving online business. 



I realized about 2-3 years into my professional life that I wanted to work for myself eventually. 

I created blogs in hopes of someday making them profitable, but they never went anywhere. I would lose motivation and give up. I would self-sabotage with TV, food, alcohol, whatever I could to avoid doing the work. This in turn made me feel depressed, hopeless, stuck, and lazy. Eventually I would get a boost of energy and motivation and start up again, only to fall back into the same patterns soon after. 

Once this cycle happened a few times, I realized the problem wasn’t my idea or knowledge, it was my mindset. Deep down, I was riddled with negative thoughts and beliefs. I didn’t think that I could or would ever turn the blog into a business. I didn’t believe I had it in me. 

My mind held me back for a long time from going after this new life I wanted because I was afraid of change, afraid of what people would think, and afraid of failure.

Eventually I started to learn more about thoughts and how they shape your life. I read, I listened, I learned techniques and did the work on myself so that I could break through these mental barriers that were holding me back in life. 

Fast forward a few more years, my mind is in a much better place and I’ve successfully been transforming & improving my life ever since. I’ve gained confidence, motivation, and clarity in amounts I never had before. Now I’m here to help you transform your life.

To learn more about my mission and passion head over to my What Is The Confident Rebel post.



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fun facts

  • Boston, MA 
  • I love eating & drinking outside
  • Spring & Fall are the best seasons
  • Popcorn is my favorite. And wine. 
  • I love the ocean
  • I’m a problem solver at heart 
  • I enjoy giving advice
  • I have a dog named Sophie who is, for lack of a better term, criminally insane…but I love her to death. She has her own Instagram if you wanna be friends: @sassy_miss_sophie