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If you’ve made it here that probably means you’re somewhat interested in improving your confidence, motivation, and energy levels so that you can start making some badass life changes, so that’s awesome.


I’m Kate, owner & founder of The Confident Rebel. I’m a Boston girl who has always been an independent free spirit, living life on my own terms without letting what others may think hold me back. I make decisions and I go after what I want with confidence.



My Story


When I was struggling and feeling stuck in my life and career, I stumbled across the knowledge that our thoughts control almost everything in our lives, especially our feelings and actions.

They control whether we live an awesome life, a good life, or a sh*tty life.

Then I came across even better news – that we can CONTROL our thoughts and use them to create the life experience that we want.


No longer were thoughts just random things that popped into my head that I couldn’t control. They are a TOOL if used in the right way.

I also began to uncover a slew of hidden, subconscious thoughts that were secretly running (and ruining!) my life. Thoughts that I had thought so. many. times. that they became ingrained beliefs.

Things like: “I’m not really a goals person”, “I have no willpower”, “I’m a low-energy person”, “An office job is the smartest choice”, “This is all I’m capable of, this is what I’m good at”, “I’m not someone who follows through with things”, “I’m average”, “I’m nothing special”, “I’m a better follower, not a leader”, “Improving yourself isn’t cool”, “I’m not ambitious, I don’t care about that kind of stuff”


These thoughts were running my life and keeping me STUCK, making me feel like “well this is my life and I don’t love it but there’s nothing I can really do about it, that’s just how life is”.

I believed these thoughts were who I am, that they were part of me, that they were solid facts (hint, that was sooo not true).

They made me anxious and stressed out, but hopeless and depressed at the same time.

I also felt guilty, because on the outside my life looked pretty great, and I knew I had more than most. I had a bachelors degree from a prestigious 4 year college, a full-time well paying job, a loving family, a great relationship, good friends – but I was UNHAPPY.


Turns out, all I needed to do was start shifting some thoughts, start uncovering those hidden limiting beliefs that were holding me back, and suddenly life changed for the better.

And for the record, my circumstances did not change – I still had the same office job, the same relationship, same family and friends – but now I had HOPE and belief for my future.

I had belief in myself that I could change the parts of my life that I wanted to. I realized I had been unhappy with my office jobs for a couple years, that my job path was the main cause of my stuck feeling, and I longed to do something more meaningful with my career.

I decided to take control and figure out what I truly wanted to do with my life – what I wanted my career and life to look like 5, 10, 20 years down the road.

Through career searching I found online business and online coaching and immediately felt called to it. It became my goal to create a successful, fulfilling online business helping people.

Once I figured out I wanted to start a business and help people, a whole new wave of limiting beliefs came up around that.

Beliefs like “I don’t have it together enough to run a business”, “Running a business is too hard for me”, “I don’t know enough to help people”, “I’m not good enough to help people”, “I’m not the type of person that builds a business”.

Luckily by this point I knew a lot about thought-work and was very aware of my thoughts and how they control my life, so I was able to tackle these negative beliefs as they came up and didn’t let them keep me stuck.


NOW I’M LIVING A LIFE FULL OF HOPE AND PURPOSE, working toward my goal of building a successful business that allows me to help people and financially sustain myself at the same time.

*Please note again, my larger life and career circumstances still have not changed – I am still working an office job right now – but I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER all the time now. I am not stuck.

I am evolving and changing, creating a life that feels worth living instead of just letting the days pass me by in a fog.

I have now spent years studying awareness, thoughts/beliefs, confidence, motivation, energy, clarity, and inspiration. Because of my own experience with limiting beliefs, fears, and doubts keeping me stuck and holding me back from going after what I wanted, it is now my MISSION to help others break free too.

I know how good it feels on the other side and I want everyone to feel this way.


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fun facts

Boston is my home

I love eating & drinking outside

Spring & Fall are the best seasons, I like the change

Popcorn is my favorite. And wine.

I love the ocean

I’m a problem solver at heart

I truly enjoy giving advice

I have a dog named Sophie who is super sassy & adorable…I love her to death.

She has her own Instagram if you wanna be friends: @sassy_miss_sophie